Confidence and Relaxation

Have you ever thought about your accounting and let out a relaxed sigh of relief knowing it’s all taken care of without you having to think about it? That is the confidence you can have when you choose to work with Crapes expert team.

An expert team that goes above and beyond

No stress Tax Season

Never worry about another tax season. With our team it’s just another everyday month with all of the headached handled by our team

Monthly payments handled

Do you hate trying to figure out who needs to get paid when? When do you submit taxes? Is payroll this week or next? Does the new rules or benefits the government just rolled out apply to your business? Leave all that to us!

Know your financials

Working with our team will give you a firm understanding of where your business sits financially and help you make educated decisions about growth based on data.

Accurate and Effective bookkeeping

There’s so many details when it comes to your revenue and where it all needs to go and it needs to be managed down to the penny. We allow you to focus on the big picture while we manage the details.


  • We deal with WSIB for you.
  • We handle all payroll.
  • We deal with all HST
  • We can help track how profitable each project or sale is.
  • We help search for any tax saving techniques that can be applied

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